Saturday, October 27, 2007

New Update - Darknet Functions Improved

The following have been done:


make the upnp device send out info about kerj not ANTs p2p and gwren.

So modified


remove ants branding replace with branding from website

So replaced all


Remove the warning of new version detected

So modified


An exception on startup of the application

So modified this_componentResized() in


Make STUNT work better.

STUNT A_ST2 timeout problem modified STUNT.jar


Make STUNT work better.

A STUNT doesn't work problem modified, no port conversion for STUNT URI


For a logined user who has two swarms, must update its trusted peers in two swarms,must add peer ips to ipfilter.dat

So modified a lot, using session to control users' action


For registered user, two swarms but only need one kerjo insteady of two kerjoes

So added five lines to jnlp_controller.rb, so that no two kerjos will be running.if count == 1 thenflash[:notice]="joined the swarm."redirect_to :backreturnend


Logined users can not get a connection to other host

So modified jnlp_controller.rb,for logined users, the identity is wrongly set.replace_str <


Not working with all version of Java

I'v spending many time to find the cause. Finally the jnlp is modified:1.jnlp is downloaded as random filenames2.set the $$href to empty.(Which will prohibit the new JWSes from downloading jnlp twice)


Make STUNT work better.

STUNT has an unhandled timeout for state A_ST1 Add timeout and retry mechanism to A_ST1


STUNT souce code is uploaded to google code

Will make reference to and Digiworld Ltd who paid for the work as well as Casper. Will put link on kerjodando development site.


Make work with all versions of Java

The ObjectInputStream handshaking problem, this problem may exist in jre1.6.03The problem is stated at add keyAgreementOutStream.flush() to and


Java problem

Jre 1.6.0_03 concerning problem1.setup environment, all peers should use the new java version


Don't forget that this is also for week one:Try one connection method until connected.Only try to connect if not connected and then try internal, direct and stunt in that order. Also, make sure STUNT is working correctly by investigating error messages.

Added to solve this problem. Now, if one site is connecting, no more retries until the connecting process is finished.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

ANts p2p II

Now have swarm for ANts p2p network.

See here

Click START to download and run.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Test Anonymous Network for New Unsigned bands


Now has STUNT working firewall tunnelling and Upnp.

Sorry still only windows - working on mac and Linux compatibility.

Need folks to help testing.

A long way from finishing but making good steady progress.

Developer will be working full time from 8th October 2007.

Also, issue that JRE 1.60_02 and JRE 1.60_3 only work when jar is first downloaded.

JRE 1.60_01 and previous JRE versions work perfectly.