Monday, October 20, 2008

New Version of Anonymous P2P Client Dargens p2p Launched

New Version of Dargens p2p launched. Changes: Faster downloading - multi source download fully implemented. Featured files - can submit files to website to share anonymously One click group membership - Can click on group to join without logging in. Email friends - Can now import address book to tell friends about your new network More content including adult xxx files. Java p2p (like Vuze) public anon. p2p using updated anonymous p2p client.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Facts About Dargens p2p

Facts About Dargens p2p

First of all I'll explain how ANt p2p works (notes taken from notes on MUTE a very similar network). Then I'll explain some of the differences between ANts p2p and Dargens p2p.

How ANts p2p Routes Messages

In a network, we have messages that need to travel from a sender to a recipient. Since ANts p2p users are anonymous, none of the nodes in the network know exactly where to find a particular recipient (or, more precisely, which computer a particular recipient is using). Like ants that are unaware of the overall environment layout, ANts p2p messages must be directed through the network using only local clues.

Each ANts p2p node maintains connections to several "neighbors" in the network, and these neighboring connections are used for message passing. Suppose that ANts p2p node X receives a message from Alice to Bob through node Y, one of its neighbors. X may have no information clues about where Bob is in the network. However, upon receiving this message, node X learns something about Alice: it learns that messages from Alice come through node Y. In the future, if node X ever receives a message to Alice, it can send it back through node Y using this clue.

Regardless of what X learns about Alice, it still has no information about Bob. The best strategy here, using ants as inspiration, is to "send ants in all directions", or to send a copy of the message on to each one of X's neighbors (what we will call "broadcasting" the message). One of the neighbors may have more information about which direction Bob is in. If none of the nodes in the network have clues about Bob's location, they will all broadcast the message to their neighbors. If Bob exists in the network, this technique will eventually find him.

Notice that throughout the search for Bob, the message has been leaving a trail of clues about Alice. If the message reaches Bob, and then Bob sends back a response, the response can follow these clues on a rather direct path back to Alice.

As the response is routed to Alice, it leaves a trail of clues that can be used to route future messages from Alice back to Bob. Other nodes can make use of these clues too. For example, if the owner of node X sends a message to Bob, the message will travel on a rather direct route using the existing clues.

We can see that ANts p2p's routing mechanism is quite similar to the technique of "Painting Arrows in the Forest". Each node can be thought of as a tree, and each neighbor connection can be thought of as a path between neighboring trees. Each node maintains a collection of arrows, and each arrow says something like "To get to Bob, use this path." In these diagrams, we follow the blue arrows backward to find Bob.

We can also think of each message leaving a "scent" as it travels through the network. Messages from Alice leave Alice's scent, and we can follow this scent when sending messages to Alice. The darker arrows in these diagrams represent messages, while the faded arrows can be thought of as the scent left by messages.

Routing Clues and Privacy

In terms of anonymity, the notion of "clues about Alice" sounds scary. Keep in mind that all of these "clues" are just local hints that will not enable anyone to directly pinpoint Alice in the network. A node's routing clue essentially tells it, "my neighbor knows more about Alice than I do." Of course, none of the nodes have a good measure of how much they know about Alice, so the fact that a particular neighbor knows more gives a node little extra information. For example, none of the nodes along a path between Alice and Bob know enough to conclude that "my neighbor is Alice."
Additionally Ants Features
  • Open Source Java implementation (GNU-GPL license)
  • Multiple sources download
  • Swarming from partial files
  • Automatic resume and sources research over the net
  • Search by hash, string and structured query
  • Completely Object-Oriented routing protocol
  • Point to Point secured comunication: DH(512)-AES(128)
  • EndPoint to EndPoint secured comunication: DH(512)-AES(128)
  • Serverless GWebCache-based peer dicovery procedure
  • IRC based peer discovery system
  • IRC embeded chat system
  • Full text search of indexed documents (pdf, html, txt, doc etc) -> QUERY REFERENCE.
  • Distributed/Decentralized Search engine
  • HTTP tunneling
  • ANts allow P2P communications through any kind of HTTP Proxy
  • ANts allow P2P communications through any kind of NAT or traffic filtering system

ANts vs Dargens

Users join ANts by boot-strapping from irc this results in a network with a random topology. Although this has the a short path length between any two nodes it is very difficult to find that path even with DHT so it does not scale well.

Dargens p2p (kerjodando) is based on ANts p2p except users join the network by connecting to either their friends or users that they share an interest with. This is a social network, a type of small world network. This also has a short path between peers but this path is much easier to find either with DHT, greeedy routing or ANt routing.

So Dargens p2p scales far better than ANts and is much faster.

To allow users to connect and form social networks, the Dargens tracker maintains a record of users' friends, that it shares with new users who connect.

Although the network information is kept on the site no information about who is sharing what files is kept on the site of communicated directly with any outside party by ANts.

As the system is web based it is very easy to configure.

There are several different level of security available.

Security Example

A user could be either public (general public can connect to him) or private (only invited friends can connect).

Uses can also publish files to the website in much the same way as done with bit torrent on a tracker.

The biggest drawback of the system is ANts because it uses Java which confuses many inexperienced web users.

Also it can take up to 2 minutes to download the client and connect even on fast dsl/cable networks.

Goals of Dargens

The aim of the system is to spread information to those who find it difficult to access information freely.

It has been designed (STUNT and SSL spoofing) to penetrate national censorship system such as the great fire wall of China.

However, it is not meant to circumvent national laws but to give privacy to responsible adult users which is a right we take for granted in the physical world but which is diminishing in the virtual world.

Sorry for my poor communication in the past but I suffer from a mild form of Aspergers Syndrome which affects every part of my life.

I am a lot more social than I use to be.

BTW it would be good to hear from any other sufferers.

We are all connected, if not directly then via friends of friends of friends etc. It has been prooved both theoretically and experimentally that everyone in Europe and North America are connected by a maximum of six steps.

This is how Dargens p2p works all nodes are connected but not randomly. They are connected like a social network a society. So path lengths are short and everybody can download and upload from everybody else.

And as it is ANts p2p (only change is network topology) it is anonymous.

And as to the single point of failure. I agree there is a single point of failure but it is open source (including the website) so it is like bit torrent. Sure they can kill a few trackers but they will never kill them all.

Lastly by being web based allows the featured files to be quality checked. So now you can download quality files anonymously. Of course you still have the ability to search and download like limwire etc again anonymously.

Nothing is 100% anonymous; this is safe enough to prevent snoopers from knowing what you're downloading without slowing downloads.

Go on download a file.

or join my private network:

Friday, May 30, 2008

New Version

Dargens anonymous p2p updated still a mod of Ants p2p.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dargens Now Compatible with ANts p2p 160

Dargens is now fully compatible with ANts p2p 1.60

Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Dargens Screen Shots

Friend to friend anonymous p2p file sharing
Search other nets for interests:
To share files with more friends, pls click "my network" to join more networks and to find and add more new friends sharing interests.

What are you intersted in?

Enter any email address: Choose password:

Getting started:
1. JOIN and you will automatically download a java p2p client then you're ready to start
2. Search, Download and keep, Use downloaded files when and how you want
3. Friends network so totally private only your friends know you're connected.
1a. Java p2p application downloading
1b. Accept verified certificate

How it works:

Dargens protects your privacy by avoiding direct connections with your sharing partners in the network.
Instead you download and upload via your friends or those that share an interest.
Most other file sharing programs use direct connections to download or upload, making your identity available to spies from commerce and other organizations.

Also, if your friends, that you invited to join network, click on your Google ads you earn money (see explanation on My Net page)
  • ANONYMOUS P2P file sahring
  • Hides identity when sharing
  • Download incognito from internet
  • SAFE file sharing
  • FREE legal unlimited downloads*
  • Search, download , play
  • Millions of files available*
  • No spyware, no adware and no spoofing
  • Find rare music* for your ipod, TV* & Movies* for your PC, homework answers, pdf's*, eBooks* files for your education
  • Search your friends shared files
  • Download, keep and open files when and where YOU like
  • YOUR identity while downloading and sharing is kept PRIVATE
  • Simple to join and FREE to use
  • Earn a monthly income by INVITING YOUR friends to join

Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Dargens

New Logo and new application for dargens:

The mock-ups look great (based on twitter).

Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Version of Dargens -Better Web Gui

New version now up.
1. Now can add share directories from Dargens search webpage.
2. Better navigation feature - Logo is home and link to connected search page.
3. More content

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Friend to Friend Filesharing Setup -Slyck Post

Thought I'd post this as it's interesting.

by big_papa_bear02 on Thu Jan 17, 2008 12:00 am

Anyone here have a good idea for a Friend to Friend filesharing setup? Some friends and I would like to share some files with each other and would like to have a system with easy setup and encrypted transfers without having a centralized server. Any help would be great

by FrankTalk on Thu Jan 17, 2008 3:09 am

Try Dargens ( it is a easy to use friend to friend p2p file sharing website.

It works but is still in development.

To share between a group of friends you:

1. Make a swarm by clicking on the "Make a swarm" link, choose private option.

2. The swarm page will have a web address (url) in the form of a hash code. Send this address to all those you want to share with and tell them to keep it secret.

3. To share files you launch the p2p application by going to your swarm page web address (url) and CLICKING on "start". You will then connect to anyone who does the same. You will only connect to others who have launched the application from that specific page hence friend to friend.

Site still in development. To add directiories to share click "Add shared directory".

All connections are encryted. Also files are refenced via psuedo-anonymous references NOT IP address. So no one can tell what you are sharing. Not your friends or anyone else.

As it is still in development it is not recommended for newbies.

I like it.


Frank Talk

by enigmax on Thu Jan 17, 2008 7:22 am

FrankTalk wrote:
I like it.

As the dev, you probably would

Secure solution

by anothernametaken on Thu Jan 17, 2008 9:43 am

Well, I installed your app, Frank Talk, and it did add ANts to my tray icons, but half an hour later, I'm still waiting for ANts to connect. I was given the impression from the main page that this p2p app is mainly for sharing indy mp3s. Is there any size limit to files that can be distributed this way? Can the listening port be changed? Does it have any advantages over a service like yousendit? I'll give it a shot, if it does anything I'd like to do that other file sharing apps do not, but if it's just for distributing indy music, you should have mentioned that with your reply. There also seems to be an unusually high amount of memory used, even though I wasn't downloading or sharing anything. It was about 36 MB, according to my Task Manager. What's that about?

by FrankTalk on Thu Jan 17, 2008 12:58 pm

Thanks for your feedback, the following repy was written on train on way home to London from Petersfield.

Well, I installed your app, Frank Talk, and it did add ANts to my tray icons,

Dargens is ANts p2p modified to make it only connect to friends (trusted peers). These can be either public friends or private friends.

If a swarm is public anyone can search for it and join it by clicking on the SEARCH/START link to launch the p2p application.

If the swarm is private then you can't search for it and the url/web address is only know by the person who set it up or those he has told about it.

If you register you can join two swarms otherwise it is one.

but half an hour later, I'm still waiting for ANts to connect.

As this is a friend to friend service connection should only take a minute maximum as you are connecting to either you private friends or to other members of the public that share an interest.

If you don't connect then something has gone wrong. The best course of action is to right click on the ANts icon in the systems tray to close it and then launch the p2p application again.

However this time either make sure you pick a swarm with users (look at top 10 or pick first tv image) or invite friends to join the private swarm that you have set-up. When they join you can connect to them.

One further issue, Dargens uses both STUNT (NAT hole punching) and Upnp to allow users to connect without port forwarding. However there is currently a bug so port forwarding is recommended. The team will be working for the next two to three weeks to get both STUNT and Upnp working correctly. Hopefully we will be succesful.

I was given the impression from the main page that this p2p app is mainly for sharing indy mp3s.

I love music so does the rest of the team. So that is the type of file we have decided to concentrate on. But file sharing is about sharing files so you can share any type of file without restriction.

Is there any size limit to files that can be distributed this way?

There is no size limit to the size of file other than that imposed by hashing and I think that is two Gigabytes.

Can the listening port be changed?

Yes, double click on the ANts p2p icon in the systems tray, go to the connection tab select stop, change the port then restart.

Does it have any advantages over a service like yousendit?

Probably not. This is old school file sharing like NApster or Audio Galaxy where you share a hard disc full of you favourite files. In my case, unsigned rock music. Then anyoone can browse my collection and sample it and I can do the same to others collection.

The only new part is that it is pseudo-anonymous. So that the only person that know I'm connected is my friends and NO ONE can with certainty say what files I'm sharing.

Not fool proof just different. No one can snoop on you or monitor you. Secure enough to not worry about your ISP but not so secure that it slows down transfers.

I'll give it a shot, if it does anything I'd like to do that other file sharing apps do not, but if it's just for distributing indy music, you should have mentioned that with your reply.

It is an old school file sharing system like Napster or Audio Galaxy only file are NOT linked to users IP address.

As long as you don't break any of your laws you can share what ever you want.

The only missing ingredient is someone to share with.

So either share in private by inviting some friends or share in public by joining a swarm with users.

There also seems to be an unusually high amount of memory used, even though I wasn't downloading or sharing anything. It was about 36 MB, according to my Task Manager. What's that about?

The Ants client is constantly searcing for connections. Also it is written in Java (so easily readable) see source on google code - this mod of ANts is called kerjodando - search for p2p on google code hosting it is the TOP result!


by anothernametaken on Thu Jan 17, 2008 2:49 pm

Thanks for clearing all of that up. I didn't look for a swarm, so that's probably why it didn't connect properly. I'm all for old school type p2p. I liked the discretionary upload feature on WinMX a lot. I was a member of a chatroom there where all the other members had huge shared libraries, and were often the first source for new good stuff, (I hadn't used eMule or bit torrents at that point). I'll give your app another shot.

Just a couple of more questions:

Does it turn itself on when I reboot, and how do you turn it back on if it's been closed with the task manager? I couldn't find a shortcut in the programs list of my start menu. It called itself ANts in the program itself, the screen tip on the tray icon called it something else, and it was called javaw.exe in the task manager processes. I've been looking for a way to transfer six 175 MB videos to an old friend from MX who now only uses Newsgroups, after getting a cease and desist from his ISP for sharing tv shows.

by carpefile on Thu Jan 17, 2008 3:22 pm

Certainly not to dis kerjodando (I whole heartedly approve and support Mr. Elliott's development of Ants with tracker), but for the gentleman just trying to share 6 vid files with his friend, I would recommend as a simpler solution in this case.
After registering an ftp account (with username and password only), you can upload files to your account using your favorite ftp client, and then just give an http link to the file to whoever you want to share it with. No one else can access your file, and even the people you give access to can't browse your stuff, they can just download files you link them to directly.
Free, no ads, no file size limits or usage limits.
And no, I'm not connected to them in any way, its just the simplest solution for your particular problem.

by FrankTalk on Thu Jan 17, 2008 5:16 pm

I agree.

However, I'm just nosey I guess. I like to browse what other people have got. This is the activity that big music has stamped on with their lawsuits.

I am one of the minority who love to share. I like it when someone discovers a new file by browsing through my stuff. And I like to do the same.

If you want to share 6 files and ensure no one browses your precious collection then definitely ftp is the way to go.

The tools should fit the purpose.

Just don't stop sharing cos of the legal climate you don't have to advertise and link your ip address to the files you share or connect to strangers, hence Dargens.


And Carp don't call me Mr. - it's Ezzy to my friends.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Dargens Music Search Engine - Getting Started


Dargens ( )

1.CLICK on a TV picture to reach SEARCH page2.DOWNLOAD and install JAVA application
3.WAIT to Connect, Search (e.g. lov*),Download (click on search result), Play (click on downloaded)