Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dargens Now Compatible with ANts p2p 160

Dargens is now fully compatible with ANts p2p 1.60

Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Dargens Screen Shots

Friend to friend anonymous p2p file sharing
Search other nets for interests:
To share files with more friends, pls click "my network" to join more networks and to find and add more new friends sharing interests.

What are you intersted in?

Enter any email address: Choose password:

Getting started:
1. JOIN and you will automatically download a java p2p client then you're ready to start
2. Search, Download and keep, Use downloaded files when and how you want
3. Friends network so totally private only your friends know you're connected.
1a. Java p2p application downloading
1b. Accept verified certificate

How it works:

Dargens protects your privacy by avoiding direct connections with your sharing partners in the network.
Instead you download and upload via your friends or those that share an interest.
Most other file sharing programs use direct connections to download or upload, making your identity available to spies from commerce and other organizations.

Also, if your friends, that you invited to join network, click on your Google ads you earn money (see explanation on My Net page)
  • ANONYMOUS P2P file sahring
  • Hides identity when sharing
  • Download incognito from internet
  • SAFE file sharing
  • FREE legal unlimited downloads*
  • Search, download , play
  • Millions of files available*
  • No spyware, no adware and no spoofing
  • Find rare music* for your ipod, TV* & Movies* for your PC, homework answers, pdf's*, eBooks* files for your education
  • Search your friends shared files
  • Download, keep and open files when and where YOU like
  • YOUR identity while downloading and sharing is kept PRIVATE
  • Simple to join and FREE to use
  • Earn a monthly income by INVITING YOUR friends to join