Saturday, December 30, 2006

Thanks Team for Working So Hard in 2006

I would like to thank all the kerjodando / Dargens team for all their hard work during 2006.

I would especially like to thank Vicent the developer (English) who has had to learn Ruby on Rails to be able to code the website. Vicent has also directed the coding /implementation of the website "look and feel".

I also would like to thank Trine, whose day job is being a professional stylist, who has added a new dimension to the team as well as designing Dargens website.

And lastly I would like to thank Gwren who wrote the original client ANts p2p.

During the first quarter of 2007 I would like to finish the website AND update the client (ANts p2p) to make it small, faster and give it a new web/html user interface.

So Happy New Year everyone.

P.S. I found an interesting article about the original ANts p2p client.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Making Some Progress Towards Ruby on Rails Beta Website

The developer Vicent said by email yesterday that,

All the functions have been finished, EXCEPT that:

1.Validation the input
2.Error process
3.Look and feel not in place so site is very ugly
4.RSS feed
5.Ajax(user register,user login)

So please don't pay attention to the ugly page, only look at the functions.

and there are two items in one page(list swarms)

here is the url:
To test this page as it is p2p I need alpha testers.

If you can help please email me on .

2nd Draft of Look and Feel Still Disappoints

Still not remotely what we asked for but neater and more airy.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Look and Feel Disappointment

Just got the first draft of look and feel from "web designer". Very disappointed. Further drafts can only be an improvement.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Dargens FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I download?

This guide will show you how to get started with Dargens.


  1. Go to a "swarm page" that interests you either by using the search function or clicking on a link (swarm page address / URL).
  2. To download you need to have the latest version of Java (most modern browsers have it installed if not can get it from here).
  3. Click on the launch swarm button this will automatically download and install the latest version of p2p client (kerjodando) and connect you to the swarm.


  1. Wait a few minutes for the p2p client to connect to other users in the swarm
  2. Click on the search tab and enter the name of the content that interests you
  3. To download right-click on file in search result and select download

  4. Leave p2p client connected to continue privately sharing .

Other info

To connect to more than one swarm at a time join and get an account. You can then bookmark any interesting swarms you find by clicking on the "swarm bookmark" button.

You can then get to your bookmarks by logging in to your account page. You then can select which swarms you want to connect to when the p2p client is launched.

You can create a swarm by clicking the "make swarm" button and creating a "swarm page".

You cannot change or delete a "swarm page" once created.

Send the "swarm page" address (URL) to your friends, relative, colleagues and so on by email or communicate it by other means.

They can then join your swarm by clicking on the link to go to the "swarm page" and then launching the p2p client by clicking the "launch swarm" button.

You can keep the "swarm page" address (URL) private by selecting private and giving contact information instead (optional) when making the "swarm page".

Private swarm page address (URL) are hidden in search results.


- a group of online friends who share pictures, videos, music, documents and other electronic media.

Swarm page - a page that describes a swarm using words and a picture.

Swarm page address - the unique address (URL) of a swarm page

Java - plug-in used by browsers and mobile phones to run games.

P2p client - a small application that allows users to connect to and share files with other who share common interests.

Bookmark - to save the address (URL) of interesting swarm page to your account.

Private swarm page - swarm page where address (URL) is not shown in any search results.

Public swarm page - swarm page where address (URL) is shown in search results.

Privately sharing - all users' identities hidden during file sharing (IP addresses cannot be linked to files being shared).

Friday, November 24, 2006

Look and Feel of Dargens (aka kerjodando p2p)

We have started working on the "Look and Feel" of the website.

Trine has come up with the ideas and I have tried to translate them into language that a web designer would understand.

The main features on this Look and Feel are:

Random pictures displayed in an old fashioned Television (TV) set.

The random pictures (from recently on-line swarm pages) are hidden by a blank TV screen when the site is first loaded.

The pictures are revealed when mouse/cursor ROLLS-OVER the TV.

The website should have the three main colours as the attached ear-ring on pdf (white, black and burnt orange).

The site should be mainly black and white with burnt orange.

The website should be framed and have a hand drawn look.

Trine has come up with some sample fonts for the look and feel:

  • the beggars banquet font as on the record sleeve is to be used for the Dargens logo
  • the other fonts indicate the retro feel of the site (back to the 60/70/80s) so similar to these can be used in the site
  • the other fonts also give an indication that the site has to be ornate with hand draws motifs, swirls and frames.

Trine has also come up with some examples of hand draw motifs for the site.

These can be a part of the frame (as in picture frame not html frame!).

The key motifs are the old fashioned TV and cuckoo clock.

The aim of the motifs is to give the site a retro look.

Imagine we had the internet in 1969 what would web pages have looked like. It is the age of the Beatles etc.

Key images here are the carousel and the bookcase containing books and TV.

The next step is to get a "strawman" mock-up from the web designer and try to agree on design by the end of Novemberr 2006.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Rails 1.2: Release Candidate 1 NOW OUT

Rails 1.2: Release Candidate 1 NOW OUT

Released November 23, 2006 @ 06:01 AM

It’s been almost eight months since the last major release of Rails introduced RJS, respond_to, eager loading, and much more. It’s about time we introduced the latest batch of big ideas we’ve been polishing in the interim. Great to see this out

Pizza on Rails

Yesterday visited Pizza on Rails.
Great people, great beer, tasty pizza and very very knowledgeable people. Had I lot of my RoR questions answered.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Description of Functionality of Dargens aka kerjodando Website

Below is a quick outline of the planned pages and functionality for the new Dargens website.

The look and feel is still being worked on by Trine (Art director).

The plan is to code the website in Ruby on Rails.

Logo: Dargens

Main Menu:
Homepage|About|Donate| Make_Group|Donate|Join|Login/Account

Tag Line: Share your life|Today is special

Search for Groups: box and go button

Randon Group Pictures linking to group pages: between 4 and 8 random thumbnails linking to group (swarm) pages

Main Browse Categories: Pop|Rock|Oldie|Indie|Classical|Urban|Other

Tag Cloud: Tag cloud of current online groups with font size dependant on length of time group been continuously up.
  1. Dynamic content, random group pictures of current online groups only.
  2. Search contents of group (swarm) pages
  3. Search group (swarm) pages by category
  4. Search group (swarm) pages by tag by clicking on link in dynamically created tag cloud
Search Results
Logo: Dargens

Main Menu:
Homepage|About|Donate| Make_Group|Donate|Join|Login/Account

Tag Line: Share your life|Today is special

Search Results: List of group (swarm) pages with thumbnail pciture, synopsis, link to page and button to "bookmark" to Account page
  1. bookmark group (swarm) page
Group (swarm) Page
Logo: Dargens

Main Menu:
Homepage|About|Donate| Make_Group|Donate|Join|Login/Account

Tag Line: Share your life|Today is special

Title of Group: one line description with page url

Bookmark: click this to bookmark this group to account page

Description: description of, in general, what the swarm is about. what are the users tastes in music and movies etc.

Tags: tags describing swarm

Link: url to click on to launch kerjodando and so join swarm

Help: description of what happends when you launch kerjodando with screenshots and instructions of how to connect, search and download media.
  1. bookmark group (swarm) page
  2. launch kerjodando /check for java Runtime
Category Browse Results
Logo: Dargens

Main Menu:
Homepage|About|Donate| Make_Group|Donate|Join|Login/Account

Tag Line: Share your life|Today is special

Search Results: List of group (swarm) pages with thumbnail pciture, synopsis, link to page and button to "bookmark" to Account page
bookmark group (swarm) page
Logo: Dargens

Main Menu:
Homepage|About|Donate| Make_Group|Donate|Join|Login/Account

Tag Line: Share your life|Today is special

Description about what Dargens is about and contact information.

Make Group (Swarm)
Logo: Dargens

Main Menu:
Homepage|About|Donate| Make_Group|Donate|Join|Login/Account

Tag Line: Share your life|Today is special


Title of Group: one line description with page url Bookmark: click this to bookmark this group to account page Description: description of, in general, what the swarm is about. what are the users tastes in music and movies etc. Tags: tags describing swarm

Public or Private: radio button Private group contact details: how to contact group originator e.g by personal message on zeropaid website.
  1. Make a group (swarm)page and creat a url
Logo: Dargens

Main Menu:
Homepage|About|Donate| Make_Group|Donate|Join|Login/Account

Tag Line: Share your life|Today is special

Description about how to donate to the Dargens project
  1. Paypal button
Logo: Dargens

Main Menu:
Homepage|About|Donate| Make_Group|Donate|Join|Login/Account

Tag Line: Share your life|Today is special


email address: enter an email address in case forget password password: input a password
  1. Make new account for user
Login (if not logged in)
Logo: Dargens

Main Menu:
Homepage|About|Donate| Make_Group|Donate|Join|Login/Account

Tag Line: Share your life|Today is special

Login Form:

email address: enter an email address password: input a password

  1. Log user into account
kerjodando java webstart popup
Customised java webstart client pop up with a groups thumbnail and group / usename

Account (if logged in) Logo: Dargens

Main Menu:
Homepage|About|Donate| Make_Group|Donate|Join|Login/Account

Tag Line: Share your life|Today is special

List of Bookmarked group (swarm) pages: List of group (swarm) pages with thumbnail pciture, synopsis, link to page and button to " un -bookmark" a selection box to select group(s)

Link: url to click on to launch kerjodando and so join selected swarm

Help: description of what happends when you launch kerjodando with screenshots and instructions of how to connect, search and download media.

  1. Un-bookmark group page
  2. Launch kerjodando for multiple groups (swarms)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Fuzzy "Anonymous" Bit Torrent

Limited alpha test done for kerjodando p2p (better cos its private).

Swarms made and fast "torrent" download of big files done in private network.

kerjodando similar to bit torrent.

In bit torrent users swarm around a specific file with specific ip addresses.

Kerjodando p2p users swarm around a group of files with indistinguishable ip addresses and proxies.

This forms many small networks like bit torrent.

To try the alpha test:

The next development will enable a user to belong to more than one group/swarm.

After that I will add facility for users to make own groups.

Both these functions will be done in a Ruby on Rails / AJAX website currently beeen coded by developer.

The new site is going to be called "Dagens" (Today's Special in Norwegian) and will resemble a thePirateBay in function except will be a friend to friend (F2F) website.

In summary, in normal p2p everyone is in one searchable network.

However, kerjodando is like a friend to friend version of bit torrent as you only join networks that share your interest.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Alpha Test Site is Now Live

I have converted the core wireframe to a test site for the alpha tracker in kerjodando see .

Pick a swarm, click on link to launch application then you should be connected to others who share your interests. Like an online p2p dating agency.

We are still working on the tracker and to connect youn need others to be online.

Please send feedback so we can continue development.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

kerjodando p2p alpha tracker test

After a lot of stopping and starting and mis-communication between me and my developer (a java expert).

We have decided to reduce the scale of this phase so as to meet the Halloween deadline.

The tracker is now going to be done in server-side code on tomcat.

Ruby on Rails website has now been delayed to next phase.

Also, the project team is now three as we have been joined by a Style, Art and Editorial Director, Trine (from Norway) adding to the currrent team of me, Project Production Manager (from Jamaica) and Vicent, Project Developer (from China).

Here in the Developer's words is how the tracker works,

Proposed Ruby on Rails (RoR) Website before it was delayed:

Core website: I set up 3 tables, called users, catelogs, swarms.

Users is used to record a user's connection.

Catelogs is used to save catelog information.

Swarms is used to save swarm information (including corresponding catelog_id and last-time connect in seconds).
I then use RoR to make some function, such as browse catelog, browse swarms by catelog_id, show swarm by swarm_id and count users by swarm_id.


I use java/jsp to let user download core_basic.jar file, and use java to output ipfilter.dat.

I have tell you that because of the deadline is closer, so I just use java to work now, later, I wanna use RoR totally instead of tomcat.

This why I use java to output the ipiflter.dat.
I also use tomcat/java to update the time that user last time download ipfilter.dat.

When user download the ipfilter.dat, such as http://*********.com/5/ipfilter.dat
just the user whose ip address is in the ipflter.dat can join the swarm.

I take the "5" as swarm_id, then I find the ip addresses of users whose swarm's id is "5" from users table in database.

When I gather their ip addressess, I output the ip addresses as a file called ipfilter.dat to user for their download.

See picture above.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Question About The Possibility of Spoofing in An Ad Hoc Network

ANts is safe from Man-in-Middle Attacks as shown by the answer to question below.


Ant routing is an interesting idea;

I like the fact that it's adaptive
and completely decentralised, but I'm a bit concerned about the possibility of spoofing.

If I transmit packets using X's source address
instead of my own (I mean the overlay address (node ID) rather than the IP address), won't that cause packets addressed to X to be routed towards me instead of towards X?


No ANts (kerjodando) is definitely secured against such Man-In-Middle (MIM) attacks!

The node identification system that is implemented makes it computationally impossible to perform such a MIM attack.

ANts uses a particular Digital Signature (DS) public key as node ID on the ANts net.

The public key (node ID) is changed each time you run ANts and is generated as a complementary PAIR with a private key (signature).

You use your private key to sign your messages so that everyone on the ANts net is able to verify if a message from the node identified by a particular ID (i.e. public key) is spoofed or valid.

This uses the SPECIAL properties of such key pairs.

In other words, when a node sends a message to Bob.

Then Bob receives a message from a public key (node ID - now called Alice) that has been signed by Alice's complementary private key.

Bob can VERIFY (using Alice's public key) that the message was signed by Alice's complentary private key (this is a property of such key pairs).

So Bob can see that it has not been spoofed by Eve who cannot calculate Alice's complementary private key from Alice's public key.

Bob can perform this verification only knowing Alice's public key.

He does not need to know Alice's private key to VERIFY that it was signed by Alice's private key.

He only needs to know Alice's complementary public key (node ID).

So Eve cannot sign messages with Alice's private key although she knows Alice's public key.

So Eve CANNOT pretend (SPOOF) to be Alice i.e. send messages with Alice's public key (node ID).

That is how public private keys work.

This was explained to me by a PHD student who has worked on a government project dealing electronic signatures and PKI.

The method is computationally secure because it involves no DS exchange or OTHER communication.

You simply publish your ID (i.e. public Key) on the net through your queries and you'll be the ONLY one able to use that ID to spread messages on the net.

As you are the only one who knows the complementry private key for that public key.

Spoofed message will be automatically rejected by other nodes, because the spoofer will not be able to create a fake private key signature (unless spoofer can perform a 1024 bit factorisation) and so nodes will fail in verifying the spoofed private key signature.



I haven't looked deeply into Kerjodando but it looks like you're using
the overlay to coordinate BitTorrent-like swarms of peers who are interested in similar files. Do you transmit the file data through the overlay (like MUTE) or just the searches and metadata (like Gnutella)?


File data transmitted through overlay like MUTE.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

"Make a Swarm" and "Login" Pages Added to kerjodando Wireframe

Two new sections added to kerjodando p2p (better cos its private) wireframe:

Make a swarm:

1.What type of swarm is this: audio (like submit advert on craigslist)
2.What type of swarm is this: rock/indie (like submit advert on craigslist)
3.Swarm Information Form: (like submit advert on craigslist)
4.Example of a page for a swarm


1.Login page
2.MySwarms - saved bookmarked Swarms
3.Connect to selected swarms (connecting to more than one swarm at a time so spanning many swarms and thus creating a small world network.)

The wire frame helps the web designer to create the site. It shows the site logic NOT look and feel or layout.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Free Media Sharing over Public Networks

I am more determined to get kerkjodando p2p working quickly after reading Michael Rogers inspiring research note,
Censorship Resistant Communication over Public Networks.

This paper in preparation for his thesis later this year covers the following:

The rapid growth of peer-to-peer metworks and social networking websites has demonstrated the internet's potential as a medium for grassroots collaboration.

The research note describes ongoing research into the use of friend-to-friend overlay networks for censorship-resistant communication.

Decentralised mechanisms for resource allocation, unforgetable acknowledgments and adaptive routing are proposed.

Department of Computer Science
University College London
Gower Street


I found the following interesting:

1) Intellectual property law:
makes sharing your favourite musc a revolutionary act.
It censors communication preventing the free flow of ideas.
How can you describe a Hendrix guitar rift without copying it?

2)Media is the message:
TV is passive, attentive and absorbing.
A friend-to-friend network's mode of interaction is social, collaborative and collusive.

3)It is possible to share media over a public network:
such as the internet without being censored by big business or governments by using a friend-to-friend overlay network (ANts p2p,kerjodandop2p or Freenet).

4)Tragedy of the commons:
These networks are under threat from powerful and well funded adversarys and from the selfish behaviour of the users themselves.
Friend-to-friend networks are constucted around social networks and so are "small world".

Swarms co-operate by reciprocation - users stay in a swarm so long as other users provide downloads and proxy bandwidth in return for them providing media and proxy bandwidth.
This avoids the "tragedy of the commons".

The aim of kerjodando website is to provide a meeting place for such swarms to form.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Java Made Easy

I thought I'd explain some of the coding that has been done to mod ANtsp2p. Have a look even if you don't program as it is written in java so it is easy to understand. Check out this tutorial if you fancy a crack yourself.

Code to update ipfilter, settings and trusted peers files by reloading them from online directory shared by swarm users.

public class Antsp2pManager
public void updateIpfilter()
public void updateSettings()
FrameAnt.getInstance("").getGuiAnt().getSettingsAntPanel().loadStaticSettings(); FrameAnt.getInstance("").getGuiAnt().getSettingsAntPanel().updatesettingsUI();
public void updateTrustip()
InetAddressEngine.loadTrustedPeers(); FrameAnt.getInstance("").getGuiAnt().getConnectionAntPanel().updatetrustedpeersUI();

Get the names of the files to update and their location.

* A class that will get a file from a web or ftp server.
* You may use this code as you wish, just don't pretend
* that you wrote it yourself, and don't hold me liable for
* anything that it does or doesn't do. If you're feeling
* especially honest, please include a link to
* along with the code.
* For updates and more information, please visit
* @author Julian Robichaux
* @version 0.9

Starts kerjodando p2p by lauching ANts p2p and code to share ipfilter.dat (swarm).

Load kerjodando resource message bundle.

Save settings as files.

State names of files to updload.

Extend logger to to report on new code.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Do Your Own kerjodando Alpha Test

To test the part of kerjodando that shares ipfilter.dat between swarm members do the following:

1. Write a ipfilter.dat list to exclude all ip addresses except of those users you want to directly connect to see this article for instructions (only list ip addressses you want to exclude).

2. Save file to a url e.g.

3. Run Java server script to launch kerjodano with url as server in parameter. script located at so complete link to launch kerjodando and use ipfilter.dat file located at url is:

4. Accept all java webstart questions to start kerjodando client (same as Ants p2p client).

5. Use right click request connection in irc channel to connect to friends per ipfilter.dat.

6. You now can download from your swarm.

7. Email me feedback please or your details to join alpha testers.

Monday, September 25, 2006

How Kerjodando P2P Works

  1. One webpage for each interest or topic

  2. Users can publish or email webpage URL (link)

  3. Friends and other users go to the webpage and click on link to launch kerjodando

  4. kerjodando connects to other users who have visited the page and clicked the link (the swarm)

  5. Users share files with others in the swarm

  6. By having an account users can be in more than one swarm

  7. Entire swarm is a "small world" network

  8. All connections encrypted

  9. User keep webpage link private or publish it on their website so that they only directly connect to friends or other that share their interests

  10. Users can share files with anyone in the swarm not only those they are directly connected to
  11. Users ip address (identity) only visible to friends or others that share their interests
  12. No user can tell what files other users are sharing
  13. Client for downloading same as latest version of Ants p2p

Friday, September 22, 2006

News on Kerjodando P2P Development

Just heard from my developer v****t. He has told me that the reason the project has been delayed is that he has to complete his professional exams.

We have agreed to start work again on 27th September 2006.

First priority will be to publish a working model where users can select a swarm to share media with.

Also, there seems to have been a bit of chatter on the internet about kerjodando.

See English translation of chatter at Planet Peer Community a German board here.

Here are some extracts (translated form German into English by Google):

Strangely this person cannot program but is a P2P developer?

Sounds like vapourware.

My assumption is the following:

Since he cannot really program but instead pays others to program so he must be only interested in money.

Can't find source code so he must be doing it for money.

With file sharing alot of money can be earned.

The operators from Morpheus and Napster became rich.

(Private home address and telephone number removed, because Elliott has announced himself here, so will be upset to find his private data in a public forum.) - Forum Admin

My Reply to the accusation that I'm only in it for the money:

Sorry I don't speak much German.

For this I appologise so I am going to have to write this in English.

I have been participating in the ANts p2p project since its start.

I was one of the first testers.

I have over many months, no years, learned to program in Java by looking at its code and trying to understand it.

I have attempted on one previous occassion to write a mod (not H****t p2p that was Bitz).

However, my lack of knowledge of the basics really slowed me down.

I could code sending encrypted messages between peers etc but I could not redesign the GUI which I would have thought was easier.

I have spoke to G***n over the years by email.

Some time he has been very helpful at other times less so.

But after starting to code kerjodando, I now really fully understand where he is coming from and why the coding, testing and updating of ANts p2p is so stop and start.

For example, after I made the first beta of kerjodano p2p, I found a major bug in ANts p2p (does not involve security but really slows down file transfer).

So I, along with my developer in China, tested it and tested it but could not find a reason for this bug.

So I contacted Gwren and told him about it.

Wihtin minutes he replied pointing out, in so many words what I have long suspected, that ANts p2p code was now a "mud ball".

It has so many features and changes that even Gwren can't sort out the bugs.

So I have decided to do the following:

1.Code a mod for ME and MY friends to use (if anyone else wants to use it they are free to do so).

2.Not to permanetly alter any ANts p2p code in my mod without Gwren's approval and him making the same alteration to the ANts p2p code.

3.To put ease of use at the top of my priorities.

4. As this software is for my personal use, to pay to have it coded, as I have a day job and four children and a wife.
They would not be very impressed if I spent all my time coding.
Plus others want to code and can do it better than me.

5.kerjodando p2p will be open source and documented.

6.If you want to be involved in the project (you don't need to speak English) please email ( me.

7. BTW I am a Capitalist though my day job is working for a non-profit international humanitarian organisation.
Eventually I hope kerjodando p2p will be good enough to be popular but if it is not, no problem, as long as my friends LOVE it, that's fine.

8.Once I have developed kerjodando p2p as far as it can go I then propose to start to pay for the clean up of the ANts p2p "mud ball" code.
This will however be with the agreement and co-operation of G***n.
The work to be done either via bountys; volunteers for free; or by Chinese professionals (paid for).

There, that is the plan.

So far it has been going great.

While testing I have discovered loads of new music.I have had some hold ups.

My wife is pissed off from me being on the PC so much so I have had to cut back.

My coder in China is not immune to the same issues as he has been held up several times by family commitments.

Also, I am moving to Paris from London to learn French and expand my network of friends.

So that's it.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Kerjodando Sorce Code Published

I have published the source code on .

The folder that contains the client part of the modification is in .

The server part of the source code that runs on tomcat is missing as I have not got it from the developer yet but it is based on java webstart macro for passing parameters by Micheal Mandel: .

This is used to produce a jnpl file kerjodando that passes parameters about the tracker to an instance of kerjodando.

The syntax is for example:


where is where the swarms ipfilter file is stored.

Sorry for garbled explanation but I am working on a easy to use model.

Thanks Ez

New Mailing Group for Project

Help code this projec by joining the mail group below.

No previous coding experience necessary.

Just subscribe to the mailing list below:

Thanks Ez

Google Groups

Subscribe to kerjodando developer

Browse Archives at

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Mad the Bad and the Sad (British Red Cross Refugee Unit Away Day)

Normally, I work at head office but for one day only I got a chance to personally immerse myself in the work of the British Red cross Refugee Unit.

This is my away day.

"Would you take a look at this case. He's just come out of prison and is homeless"

"Why was he in prison"

"Indecent assault, he sexually assaulted a woman."


"He's been badly affected by what happened to him in Somalia."

"You mean he's mentally ill. What do we do for such people in the Red Cross."

"Nothing - we don't offer psychiatric help."

"I bet he has post traumatic stress disorder"

"Anyway look on the net and see if you can find a solicitor that does legal aid work that can help him. He still thinks that he was innocent and picked on because he was a refugee."

"OK, I'll google it."

It was the hottest day of the year. The air was thick and oppressive. The office reminded me of countless boring back offices that answer invoice queries and send out bills for electricity.

The full time worker that greeted me, smartly dressed in fashionable top and skirt, radiated passion and commitment.

The government didn't care. The public were hostile. The Red Cross gave out food stamps and phoned around for accommodation and free legal help.

It was grim.

I sat in on an interview of an Eritrean refugee.

He wanted money. He had previously got a council house for himself, wife and 3 children under 5. The Red Cross worker patronised him, explaining to him like a child that he would have to fill in a new application to the Social Security.

The interview dragged on. You could see he felt violated by having to tell the young female worker about his personal circumstances. Several times he became very agitated and angry. When the interview concluded he warmly thanked me for being there as if I was some long lost brother. He found it difficult to believe that I was not from his part of Africa.

I enjoyed the heat and sweated buckets. The day passed very quickly. I really felt that I had made a difference and experienced life at the sharp end. Now I knew what the Red Cross was really about.

Refugee services - true stories:
Every year, the British Red Cross helps thousands of refugees and asylum seekers adjust to a new life in a new country>>>

Ants P2P Big in Paris

Work on kerjodando has been on a stand still for the past month due to me being in Paris France and the developer being away from their home city in China.

Hopefully, development will commence again next week when I'm back.

While in Paris found a wonderful glossy magazine call it had a mention of Ants p2p.

Autre logiciel connu dans cette catégorie [chiffrage et anonymat], Ants est écrit en java, ce qui le rend indépendant de la plate-forme. Le chiffrement des requêtes est assuré par un système de clés asymétriques. La recherche de fichier se fait par le biais de liens spécifiques à l'instar de BitTorrent.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wireframe for Core and Deliverable Website

I have hired a web designer as well as a coder to do the core website (basic site with core functions) and the deliverable website (site with final look and feel).

To help them do their work I have used google page creator to outline a wireframe for both core and deliverable websites.

These websites do not represent the look and feel or layout of either website. They just give an indication of content.

Core wireframe >

Deliverable wireframe >

Police Intimidation and Harrassment in London

Here are a picture (above) and sound (below) re what happened yesterday.

Cazenove Road is absolutely packed with police and MI5 and MI6.

I don't know why.

Yesterday on the way home I was stopped and searched by plain clothes (maybe armed) police officers under the Terrorism Act.

I was threatened and told my road was been watched by armed police.

Also they informed me that the area where I lived was a "shit hole".

I took this picture of the officers who were responsible.

I also made a recording of their harassment and intimidation before my phone was confiscated.

I thought you ought to know this so you appreciate how far down the wrong path this country (UK) has progressed!

So when you watch the news and see some stranger being falsely imprisoned or shot (in tube or house) don't forget in might be you or someone you know one day.

I'm sure this isn't connected with me working on an encryption application that will allow users the privacy to express themselves freely without fear of been spied on by big business or government.

Snippet of conversation with police before they stoped me recording for the first time

Second snippet of conversation before they confiscated my phone

Friday, July 21, 2006

Help Me Test Kerjodando - A Simple P2P File Sharing and Social Netwrok Website

Hi this is the email that I sent to potential kerjodando testers:

Please help me to test my new software idea - kerjodando p2p and social network.


All I need is your ip address (preferably home one - as going to be used for p2p!).

This can be found here ( ) just reply to this email including your ip address.

ip address is four number separated by dots

e.g. is my ip address.

I will then send you a link to download a test file from.

The first stage of the test is to allow friends to connect (anonymously) to each other and download this file.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


You need to be at the PC where you are going to be testing when you find your ip address. So you may need to forward this email to your home email address.

Not a good idea to test at work as not fair and against normal work rules.

Can test in internet cafe.

Should get through every firewall and filter even "Great Firewall of China".

Blog about development at

Holding page for website at

We aim to be a worldwide social network and p2p site so all citizens can have their view on all events e.g. the world cup:

Zizou - What Did You See?


Friday, July 14, 2006

Alpha Testers Needed

The kerjodando project needs alpha / beta testers to test the latest changes to the client.

Please email me stating what type (nothing specific) of files you are interested in sharing / downloading e.g. MP3, adult, movies, books etc.

And your ip address.

I will then put you in a swarm (group) and send you the address of the swarm (a bit like a torrent) for you to click on.

kerjodando works like a friend to friend p2p file sharing application.

When the kerjodando website is developed this process will be automatic behind the scenes.

email Ezzy Elliott

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Low Level Marketing

Trying to make at least one post to each of the p2p consortium websites to get some expert input into the development of kerjodando.

kerjodando p2p - Progress Report

  1. Concept - done
  2. Alpha client with core functionality - done
  3. kerjodando p2p holding page ( ) - done
  4. kerjodando development blog ( ) -done
  5. Working on beta client that can join a swarm specified in a url


  • Swarms of files and connections
  • Click to join a swarm
  • Private and secure (anonymous p2p)

Alpha Client

  • Modded latest version of ANts p2p so can join specified swarm
  • Script written to update kerjodando whenever ANts p2p updated

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Only Small World P2P Network Navigation (Search) Scalable

Only small world networks are scalable i.e. can grow in size without becoming very inefficient.

A small world network, where nodes represent people and edges connect people that know each other, captures the small world phenomenon of strangers being linked by a mutual acquaintance.

The small world phenomenon (also known as the small world effect) is the hypothesis that everyone in the world can be reached through a short chain of social acquaintances. The concept gave rise to the famous phrase six degrees of separation after a 1967 small world experiment by social psychologist Stanley Milgram which suggested that two random US citizens were connected on average by a chain of six acquaintances.

This has far reaching consequences for 'anonymous' P2P file sharing. A leading researcher on small world networks, Jon Kleinberg, states the following:

Moreover, α=2 is the only exponent at which any decentralized algorithm can achieve a delivery time bounded by any polynomial in logN: for every other exponent, an asymptotically much larger delivery time is required, regardless of the algorithm employed.

Jon Kleinberg

Lets take this phrase by phrase to see what does this actually mean for anonymous file sharing clients like ANts P2P, MUTE and Freenet.

  • α=2 is the only exponent at which any decentralized algorithm can achieve a delivery time bounded by any polynomial in logN.
  • logN refers to the width of a network.
  • As the number of users (N) increases, the average number of hops between any two users, the width, increases by a factor of logN.
  • However, it is expected delivery time (T) for messages sent between users that is important for file sharing.
  • T increases by a factor of logN only for small world networks (α=2). For other networks T is very much larger.
  • T for a ad-hoc overlay p2p net (like ANts, MUTE or Freenet) is the number of users a file or query has to be forwarded via to reach its destination, the path length (L).
  • For a small network the path length is small so that a workable amount of bandwidth in total is used in uploading and downloading for each hop along path length.
  • For a large network L is far too large unless the network is small world although ironically the width of the network still scales by logN.

  • for every other exponent, an asymptotically much larger delivery time is required, regardless of the algorithm employed.
  • So you can come up with whatever clever message routing method you like, it will not scale unless it is small world.
  • It is the network structure, the topology not the routing algorithm that determines if a network scales.
  • So neither ANts P2P or MUTE will scale by improving routing algorithms while they remain networks with a random topology(structure).
  • However, Iain Clark of Freenet seems to have already made this break through and has redesigned Freenet 0.7 to be small world.

I have decided to do the same for ANts p2p file sharing by making a very simple mod that will force the network to be small world.

kerjodando, the name of my ANts p2p mod, will force users to connect to only friends or others that share a similar interest to themselves, a p2p small world social network.

I call these groups, swarms and they are controlled, like bit torrent, by a simple tracker. Users can be members of many swarms covering all their interests and social networks. Swarms can either be private (invitation only) or public.

In this way kerjodando will be more scalable and be able to grow much bigger.


Monday, June 26, 2006

The Three Laws of File Sharing

My ideas for a fast private p2p network are based on the three laws of file sharing.

1st Law of P2P File Sharing:

Every bit of data downloaded must have been uploaded.

So overall no network is faster than any other as uploads must equal downloads on any network.

Multi-source or swarming by itself does not increase download speed.

Networks that have high download speed have a greater number of users that upload more than they download.

For example, the majority of Bit Torrent users feel that they should at the very least maintain an upload/download ratio of one for every file they download even if they can download faster than they can upload.

This leads to faster downloads for everyone.

2nd Law of P2P File Sharing:

The size of a network's user base is indirectly and inversely related to download speed. Networks with a large user base have slower downloads than those with a small one.

The majority of files on a P2P network are provided a small minority of enthusiastic users who often join networks early on.

As the network becomes more popular it attracts a greater proportion of users who want to download files but who don't have the technical skill or motivation to provide files to the network.

Law one states that uploads have to equal downloads, therefore downloads slow as there are more users demanding files without a corresponding increase in the number of users providing files.

For example, the ed2k network, a very large network, is often slower than say a DC hub which has a smaller user base of enthusiasts.

BT is fast as it is many thousands of small networks controlled by a tracker, with all downloaders uploading, rather than one enormous network.

3rd Law of P2P File Sharing:

The more upload bandwidth donated by users of a network then the faster that network.

It is often social pressure or a technical feature of the p2p file sharing application that ensures that users donates a high proportion of their available upload bandwidth to the network and that they don't leach.

For example, leachers on Winmx often receive messages telling them to mend their ways.

Many DC hubs have rules to discourage leachers from joining.

To download on Bit Torrent you have to upload.

Proxy Networks (such as kerjodando p2p):

It should be noted that due to laws 1, 2 and 3 proxy networks have slower download speeds than direct connect** networks.

This is due to proxy data having to be downloaded and uploaded more than once (law 1).

kerjodando reduces this by have many small networks controller by a tracker rather than one big network.

As file providers also proxy data their upload bandwidth is used up even faster than on direct connect networks (law 2).

kerjodando reduces proxy traffic by clustering users according to their interests.

Also, proxy networks need users to donate much more upload bandwidth than direct connect networks making them even slower (law 3).

kerjodando when operational will provide dedicated servers with extra upload bandwidth.

Fast proxy networks need an efficient node layout (topology) so fewer hops(less bandwidth) used for each download(law 1); to be small(law 2) and to attract users who want to share rather than download (law 3).

A prime example of this is "Share" an off-shoot of Winny (Japanese).

kerjodando does not cache files but does cluster users according to interest like winny so attracting users who want to share content that they want to promote like their favourite band, movie or hobby.

The price for users wanting to share anonymously is slower downloads.

However, the Japanese have shown that networks like kerjodando can speed-up downloads while still hiding their users' identity and keeping file transfers private.

**Direct connect networks are ordinary p2p networks such as edonkey and winmx as oppose to proxy networks that don't connect users directly"


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New Hornet Logo for Kerjodando

This is the new logo for kerjodando p2p, better cos its private.

Also, I've decided to use a link and tracker system similar to bit torrent.

The application is currently being coded in China and should be ready for alpha test in 4 weeks time.

It will be open source, written in Java and will run from a browser without the need to install.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Idea....

To create a better p2p program, better because it's private.