Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Police Intimidation and Harrassment in London

Here are a picture (above) and sound (below) re what happened yesterday.

Cazenove Road is absolutely packed with police and MI5 and MI6.

I don't know why.

Yesterday on the way home I was stopped and searched by plain clothes (maybe armed) police officers under the Terrorism Act.

I was threatened and told my road was been watched by armed police.

Also they informed me that the area where I lived was a "shit hole".

I took this picture of the officers who were responsible.

I also made a recording of their harassment and intimidation before my phone was confiscated.

I thought you ought to know this so you appreciate how far down the wrong path this country (UK) has progressed!

So when you watch the news and see some stranger being falsely imprisoned or shot (in tube or house) don't forget in might be you or someone you know one day.

I'm sure this isn't connected with me working on an encryption application that will allow users the privacy to express themselves freely without fear of been spied on by big business or government.

Snippet of conversation with police before they stoped me recording for the first time

Second snippet of conversation before they confiscated my phone