Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Do Your Own kerjodando Alpha Test

To test the part of kerjodando that shares ipfilter.dat between swarm members do the following:

1. Write a ipfilter.dat list to exclude all ip addresses except of those users you want to directly connect to see this article for instructions (only list ip addressses you want to exclude).

2. Save file to a url e.g. www.kerjodando.com/desperate_house_wives/

3. Run Java server script to launch kerjodano with url as server in parameter. script located at so complete link to launch kerjodando and use ipfilter.dat file located at url is:

4. Accept all java webstart questions to start kerjodando client (same as Ants p2p client).

5. Use right click request connection in irc channel to connect to friends per ipfilter.dat.

6. You now can download from your swarm.

7. Email me feedback please or your details to join alpha testers.