Friday, September 22, 2006

News on Kerjodando P2P Development

Just heard from my developer v****t. He has told me that the reason the project has been delayed is that he has to complete his professional exams.

We have agreed to start work again on 27th September 2006.

First priority will be to publish a working model where users can select a swarm to share media with.

Also, there seems to have been a bit of chatter on the internet about kerjodando.

See English translation of chatter at Planet Peer Community a German board here.

Here are some extracts (translated form German into English by Google):

Strangely this person cannot program but is a P2P developer?

Sounds like vapourware.

My assumption is the following:

Since he cannot really program but instead pays others to program so he must be only interested in money.

Can't find source code so he must be doing it for money.

With file sharing alot of money can be earned.

The operators from Morpheus and Napster became rich.

(Private home address and telephone number removed, because Elliott has announced himself here, so will be upset to find his private data in a public forum.) - Forum Admin

My Reply to the accusation that I'm only in it for the money:

Sorry I don't speak much German.

For this I appologise so I am going to have to write this in English.

I have been participating in the ANts p2p project since its start.

I was one of the first testers.

I have over many months, no years, learned to program in Java by looking at its code and trying to understand it.

I have attempted on one previous occassion to write a mod (not H****t p2p that was Bitz).

However, my lack of knowledge of the basics really slowed me down.

I could code sending encrypted messages between peers etc but I could not redesign the GUI which I would have thought was easier.

I have spoke to G***n over the years by email.

Some time he has been very helpful at other times less so.

But after starting to code kerjodando, I now really fully understand where he is coming from and why the coding, testing and updating of ANts p2p is so stop and start.

For example, after I made the first beta of kerjodano p2p, I found a major bug in ANts p2p (does not involve security but really slows down file transfer).

So I, along with my developer in China, tested it and tested it but could not find a reason for this bug.

So I contacted Gwren and told him about it.

Wihtin minutes he replied pointing out, in so many words what I have long suspected, that ANts p2p code was now a "mud ball".

It has so many features and changes that even Gwren can't sort out the bugs.

So I have decided to do the following:

1.Code a mod for ME and MY friends to use (if anyone else wants to use it they are free to do so).

2.Not to permanetly alter any ANts p2p code in my mod without Gwren's approval and him making the same alteration to the ANts p2p code.

3.To put ease of use at the top of my priorities.

4. As this software is for my personal use, to pay to have it coded, as I have a day job and four children and a wife.
They would not be very impressed if I spent all my time coding.
Plus others want to code and can do it better than me.

5.kerjodando p2p will be open source and documented.

6.If you want to be involved in the project (you don't need to speak English) please email ( me.

7. BTW I am a Capitalist though my day job is working for a non-profit international humanitarian organisation.
Eventually I hope kerjodando p2p will be good enough to be popular but if it is not, no problem, as long as my friends LOVE it, that's fine.

8.Once I have developed kerjodando p2p as far as it can go I then propose to start to pay for the clean up of the ANts p2p "mud ball" code.
This will however be with the agreement and co-operation of G***n.
The work to be done either via bountys; volunteers for free; or by Chinese professionals (paid for).

There, that is the plan.

So far it has been going great.

While testing I have discovered loads of new music.I have had some hold ups.

My wife is pissed off from me being on the PC so much so I have had to cut back.

My coder in China is not immune to the same issues as he has been held up several times by family commitments.

Also, I am moving to Paris from London to learn French and expand my network of friends.

So that's it.

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