Sunday, October 08, 2006

"Make a Swarm" and "Login" Pages Added to kerjodando Wireframe

Two new sections added to kerjodando p2p (better cos its private) wireframe:

Make a swarm:

1.What type of swarm is this: audio (like submit advert on craigslist)
2.What type of swarm is this: rock/indie (like submit advert on craigslist)
3.Swarm Information Form: (like submit advert on craigslist)
4.Example of a page for a swarm


1.Login page
2.MySwarms - saved bookmarked Swarms
3.Connect to selected swarms (connecting to more than one swarm at a time so spanning many swarms and thus creating a small world network.)

The wire frame helps the web designer to create the site. It shows the site logic NOT look and feel or layout.