Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Anonymous P2P in Work Place and University | Websense bypass | Web proxy avoidance

As an experiment I tried to use kerjodando p2p file sharing client in my work place behind the firewall and a websense proxy.

A difficult environment for p2p file sharing similar to that faced by many university students.

Kerjodando p2p (an ANts p2p mod originally developed by Italian student Gwren, Roberto Rossi) connected and I could upload and download files.

Moreover the connection was secure, encrypted and "anonymous" (friend to friend so IP address hidden as file location not linked to IP address as in ordinary file sharing applications).

Generally, to connect to a p2p file sharing network you need to meet three conditions:

  1. Your IP address needs to be externally visible to the internet
  2. You need an open communications port
  3. You need access to the internet to upload and download
Kerjodando p2p met these three contions as follows:
  1. When you click on a swarm "start" link at the swarm index site http://www.itsdargens.com/ the p2p client automatically downloads and sets up your external IP address even if you're behid a firewall, NAT or proxy.
  2. Kerjodando p2p spoofs SSL and uses port 443. So if you can surf the internet then it will connect and you can file share. Port 80 and 443 are used for web surfing.
  3. Again if you can surf the internet via a browser you can file share. You just need to set-up kerjodando p2p in the same way that the browser was set-up. In my case I looked in the Options|Advanced|connections and found the proxy port and address. I then entered these into kerjodando's proxy setting.
The great thing about this is that while you're file sharing it looks like you either using VOIP, SSL FTP or a secure connection to a website.

So all those students at Zeropaid.com who think that they have been locked out of file sharing now can do it in a secure way.

I am currently testing kerjodando p2p on this page click START KERJODANDO to download the Java client and connect to the test swarm.

You can also set up your own swarms to test.

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