Saturday, January 13, 2007 New Bit Torrent type Ruby on Rails Website

Well its working - a new Bit Torrent type anonymous p2p website.

What I have done is to added a Bit Torrent type tracker to an existing anonymous p2p client (ANTs p2p, open source )
this allows users to specify who they want to connect with.

Say if you were into ANIME or HENTAI and you wanted to share files and proxy files with others with a similar interest then you would go to and create a swarm stating that.

You would send that swarm address (like a bit torrent link) to those who you wanted to join swarm.

Also other users could join the swarm by searching say for ANIME or HENTAI so finding your swarm page.

To connect to your swarm a user just clicks the START link on your swarm page and it launches ANts p2p but with a filter that only allows them to link to people who have also clicked on that particular link.

After that it is the same as ANts p2p (searching and downloading) except that it is much FASTER and fairer as you provide proxy resources for those that share your interest!

Also, if you want to set up a private swarm that only you could invite people to then you would set your swarm as private.

The search would then not publish a link to it. You could then invite users to join by telling giving them the secret private link by email or private message.

Also, you can join up to two swarms at the same time if you register as a user.

This allows swarms to be linked forming a huge network of content that can be accessed anonymously.

For test see

For see

Would you help me to test this - just a few minutes of you time needed to download ANts p2p connect to a swarm then give me some feedback on

Also, if you have any suggestions for categories such as music adult Hentai etc please let me know.

Thanks in Advance bloggers