Monday, March 26, 2007

Beta Testing of New Ants P2P File Sharing Mod - Your Help is Needed [Urgent]

Sorry to ask but please could you help me to test the new mod of ANts p2p (kerjodando).

Would you also pass this post on to anyone who can help in testing.

To focus the testing it is BEST if everyone uses this meetup (swarm):

Click on Start to launch the modded ANts p2p client (kerjodando).

Bug fixes to the (ANts content layer) website are currently been worked on.

Also, an new USER FRIENDLY GUI for ANts p2p II that will be web based.

Please let me know your ideas.

I also need people to help me with the admin of a new sourceforge project site for:

  • ANts p2p II
  • kerjodando ipfilter.dat sharing and
  • content layer for anonymous p2p
So please email me if you can help.