Tuesday, March 27, 2007

kerjodando Faster Anonymous P2P?

Below are some questions on answers form an elite Ants p2p user:

Hi, I tried the mod so now I have a better idea of how it works... some questions:

-it seems faster: why ?

Faster due to three things:
  • Network is smaller as there are fewer users - so less bandwidth is used
  • User are more likely to be nearer to content they want to download so shorter path length and more efficient searches - so less bandwidth used
  • Currently only elite users have tried it - these users tend to have higher speed connections - so more bandwidth available.

-I see a list of trusted peers: from where they come and do I connect ONLY to them?

The list of trusted peers are at the heart of the system.

You only connect DIRECTLY to who you want to connect DIRECTLY to. For a public meetup like the current test meetup (swarm) anyone who clicks on the start link gets their ip added to the trusted peers for that meetup (swarm) link.

They will only directly connect to those ip addresses.

As each user can connect to two meetups (swarms) - users bridge meetups (swarms) so making a large network.

You can download from ANY user on this network.

-I can't add a trusted peer: true?

No not via the client.

If you want to only connect to certain people you need to set up a PRIVATE meetup (swarm) and only tell those who you want to connect to about it.

-I can't see files from outside my small network: true?

FALSE, the small networks are connect by users who are connected to more than one meetup (swarm).

To connect to more than one meetup (swarm) you need to register, then login. You then bookmark the swarms you want to connect to. Then go to the bookmark page, select two swarms and then launch the modded ants p2p (kerjodando) client.