Thursday, August 02, 2007

Autonomous Anonymous P2P File Sharing

Let's be clear about this.

kerjodando p2p is an autonomous anonymous file sharing application.

To join the kerjodando network users bootstrap on to it using the bootstapping service.

The bootstrapping service provides:
- a list of available public groups (private group details are only available from private user directly)
-a downloadable small java p2p application
-the ip address (uri) of other users in their group
-a blocking list to prevent non-group users connecting to group and
-a NAT traversal service so the two firewalled users can connect.

In computing, bootstrapping refers to a process where a simple system activates another more complicated system that serves the same purpose. It is a solution to the Chicken-and-egg problem of starting a certain system without the system already functioning.

An anonymous P2P computer network is a particular type of peer-to-peer network in which the users and their nodes are pseudonymous by default. The primary difference between regular and anonymous networks is in the routing method of their respective network architectures.