Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bootstrapping to Anonymous P2P Networks

Even P2P overlays need some way to bootstrap in disconnected networks.

While DNS typically bootstraps with hardcoded IP addresses of the 13
root servers.

Ants p2p (version 2) kerjodando bootstraps using the itsdargens.com website.

Any user website can be set-up and used for this purpose.

Basically, all code is open source so that users can set-up own bootstrapping website.

The website replaces the current ANts p2p bootstrapping methods:
  1. irc (why use this method when a website is much more friendly)
  2. Gwebcache (this openly displays your ip address to strangers) and
  3. Random walk accross the ad-hoc network. This allows users who you are not connected to (and don't know) to find out who else is connected.

The itsdargens.com Ruby on Rails bootstrapping website will provides the following functions:
  1. Bootstrapping to a friend to friend group
  2. TCP NAT traversal