Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Concept Web GUI and Other Developments in the Pipeline

You can now view an alpha concept web GUI by launching kerjodando by clicking "Start" on this web page http://www.itsdargens.com/swarm/show_one/86d1cca8104f981648eb1b1d0f0f3a39
and then typing/clicking on the following, ONCE YOU HAVE CONNECTED TO A BUDDY GROUP (meet-up/swarm), http://www.itsdargens.com/webgui

Vincent is confident he can implement download function on web page in the coming weeks.

Casper is progressing well on the reduction in size of the client. Client size is now down to 4.3 mega bytes from 7.2 mega bytes. There are a few bugs but once these have been cleared then his code will be integrated with Vincent's on SVN!