Saturday, June 16, 2007

Daily Updates of ANts p2p ver2 (kerjodando)

I am going to start publishing daily updates of ANts p2p version 2 (kerjodando) daily just as Gwren use to do now I've solved the signing problem.

The proposed versions are:
0.10 Current
0.11 Lastest source code as published by Gwren
0.12 Relaxing of restriction on speed of connections (so cable users will be able to connect to slower connections)
0.13 Relax bandwidth limits - so that more bandwidth can be used to download
0.14 Add extra connection types
0.15 Reduce the amount of bandwidth used for searches and super peers

0.20 Replace java GUI with a web browser GUI

0.30 Significantly reduce the size of the ANts p2p version 2 client (kerjodando)

0.40 Add email invites to allow users to invite their friend to their network

0.50 Significantly reduce the time taken to connect to the network

0.60 Launch personal file sharing networks (3rd phase); file sharing meetup places (2nd phase) and anonymous torrents (1st phase)

All the above are subject to change.