Saturday, June 23, 2007

Feedback From Testing

Downloads fast
Uploads Fast
Loads of Content

Lots of new users could not connect

Connection is the most important part of p2p. Once web gui is done and application made much small so quicker to download the next big priority is connection.

Currently you should have no probs if use port 443 and make sure that this is forwarded.

If you use another port (even if forwarded) then no one will be able to connect to you. You can only connect to others.

If you are behind a firewall or proxy and don't use 443 then you will not be able to connect.

So use port 443, make sure it is forwarded.

Use the proxy option if you're behind a corporate or university proxy like websence.

Tell you friends about it. Then you can make sure that you have someone to connect with and share with.