Friday, June 29, 2007

New Version of "Lucene" for ANts p2p

It is possible to use the new version of "Lucene".

See this web page ""

The developers of ANts p2p version 2(kerjodando) are very busy.

They are working on:

1.Making the application smaller so that it loads faster and uses less "RAM".

2.Changing the "GUI" to make it easier for new Users to use.

(a) web browser "GUI";
(b) Alowing other ports other than 443 on web site.

So there is no time to update Lucene.

However, it is an easy task for someone with a little Java experience and a lot of time.

See this page there is a clear upgrade path:

If you want to help make "ANts-p2p" better email me at and see "ANts-p2p" version 2