Tuesday, July 10, 2007

kerjodando Cutting it Back to the Core

2007-6-26 remove skin
SettingsAntPanel.java, jLabel18 and jComboBox4 removed.Four setLookAndFeel() have been modified. LookAndFeel were set to getCrossPlatformLookAndFeelClassName()
remove Trendy,Napkin,Liquid related jars

2007-7-9 http tunnel
HttpAntPanel class was totally removed, and other places where HttpAntPanel is used are also modified
HttpAntPanel.java modified, leaving only one static attribute 07-07-08
HttpPopupMenu.java removed. This popuo menu is only use in http tunnel tab

2007-7-9 ed2k hash
shared file no need to calculate its hashvalue
BackgroundEngine.java, leave sharedFilesIndexED2KHash as an empty object,DonkeyHashFile object removed
DonkeyHashFile.java removed
removed ants.p2p.utils.donkey.*, including Convert.java,DonkeyHashFile.java,DonkeyPacketConstant.java,MD4.java
In SharePopupMenu.java,jMenuItem2 was removed, generating a ed2k link is removed
FileInfos.java, calculating the ed2k hash of a file is replace with an empty string

2007-7-10 GWebCache
SettingsAntPanel.java: removed jCheckBox8 and jCheckBox9 and all concerning GWebCache
ConnectionManager.java: lastGWebCacheUpdate,lastGWebCacheFetch,publishIpOnGWebCache,searchIpOnGWebCache all removed
delete com.limegroup

2007-7-10 IRC bots
ConnectionManager.java, irc concerning things removed,org.jibble.pircbot.* not need again
SettingAntsPanel.java, a panel concerning IRC is removed
ConnectionAntPanel.jave,this.container.sap.* concerning IRC is removed,IrcBot related things removed
ICRbot.java deleted
ChatAntPanel.java deleted
ChatPopMenu.java deleted
UsersComparator.java deleted
SettingAntsPanel.java, checking if it is null before updating its look and feel

2007-7-10 Not monitor ed2k: link in clipboard
QueryLinkDaemon.java set ed2kFound=false;SettingAntsPanel.jCheckBox7.tooltips changed