Thursday, July 19, 2007


I'm really excited at the moment.

Development is moving forward very quickly as my two developers and me are now working on ANts p2p everyday and they seem to be very enthused.

Once we have finished some house-keeping on the SVN and sorted out connections using trusted peers only we have two big things to work on.

They are working on are:

TCP NAT traversal and

Web Gui.

Both are very important for kerjodando as it is meant to be user friendly (web gui) and should be easy for small groups to use (TCP NAT traversal).

One big reason why ANts p2p version 1 does not work that well is because of human nature.

People in general (including me) are stupid and lazy.

So most people do not 'port forward' - so can only connect to those select few who do - this creates VERY BIG BOTTLE NECKS and security weaknesses.

Do you know how many people are connected to Ts**a and one or two others only - whereas Ts**a and one or two others have 20 connections!

Secondly, most people (even me ) can't be bothered to put their correct ip address in connections page - this stops them from being used by the random walk function, looking for peers with free slots, as it will show only user's internal ip address.

This leads to a very fragmented network with bottle necks.

Where there are no NAT issues for example on a LAN ANts version 1 works fine but put a NAT in and it doesn't for the reasons I mentioned earlier.

Well anyway TCP NAT traversal will make it possible for anyone to connect to anyone else this will mean that all peers will use up their maximum connections and so there WILL BE NO BOTTLENECKS ;-)

And the web gui will mean that ANYONE (who can code a web page) will be able to design a new GUI and that our GUI will be as EASY AS YOUTUBE or SEEQPOD to use ;-)

As for the new version of ANts p2p I am not convinced - it is either better or worse it can't be no change!