Monday, July 16, 2007

Firewall Tunnelling and Quicker User Connection

Tne next project is ensure that users connect quickly and easily to kerjodando. It has two parts:

1. Ensure that users connect quickly and easily to trusted peers ONLY (except for users using Upnp to connect to other LAN users)

Currently "Ants" has several methods of connecting these need to be removed leaving only trusted peers and Upnp.

There might be more than this but here are the methods I know:

  1. irc - REMOVED
  2. gwebcache - REMOVED
  3. peers - previous connections - LEAVE
  4. random walk across the network from peer to peer recording peers with free slots - TO BE REMOVED
  5. manual connect in advance tab - LEAVE
  7. Upnp - LEAVE
This is important as with fewer users in each group quick connection is very important.

2. Using the itsDargens website as an intermediary develop a simple process to allow two peers with un-forwarded ports to connect.

I must admit that I don't fully understand the TCP/IP protocol but I would prefer if the solution involved a client connecting to website and then the website updating the trusted peers file to reflect the external port that was used. (This could be total rubbish on my part) The solution must be SIMPLE.

This is important as with fewer users in each group quick connection is very important and there is a high probability that both users may not have kerj ports forwarded.

Both jobs are urgent as the point of the application is to CONNECT and DOWNLOAD and currently about 50% of users can't connect!

The full list of things added and removed are:

Own folder, separate from Ants - JAVA - OUTSTANDING
Client minimize to systems tray on opening - JAVA- OUTSTANDING
try to connect to trusted peers - JAVA- OUTSTANDING
itsdargens itermediate connection help where two users behind a firewall - RAILS - OUTSTANDING
ipfilter.dat - RAILS - OUTSTANDING
irc applet to website - RAILS- OUTSTANDING
email invite from google and IM on website - RAILS - OUTSTANDING

Not Needed:
Help page not needed as it is no help! - JAVA - DONE
Browser location setting no longer needed - JAVA - DONE
Monitor clip board for ed2k and ants links - JAVA - DONE
Random walk for new peers with free slots (must use trusted peers) - JAVA - OUTSTANDING
irc - JAVA - DONE
http tunnel - JAVA - DONE
ed2k hashes - JAVA - DONE
Search for peers on Gwebcache - JAVA - DONE
publish ip on gwebcache - JAVA - DONE
any restriction on peers connected to e.g. bandwidth - JAVA - OUTSTANDING